Swarovski Crystals For Nail Art

Swarovski Crystals For Nail Art

We have a huge range of genuine Swarovski crystals for nail art. Browse through a myriad of colours including the popular AB (Aurora Borealis) from pretty pinks to moody blues, we have the colour choice for you and your clients.

We have also put together some wonderful mixes which are ideal for experimenting with colours without having to purchase all of the colours individually. And we have created some shape mixes and products that contain various different sizes. In this section, you will find genuine Swarovski crystals nail art embellishments whis are perfect for adding that extra touch of luxury to your manicure.

Many of our crystals are used with the new Pixie, a Swarovski crystal nail art kit that makes the ideal gift for the beautician in your life.

Swarovski crystals are made in Austria and have a brilliant sparkle and are a popular choice for nail professionals wanting to incorporate Swarovski crystals into their nail art designs.


How Do You Make Swarovski Crystal Nail Art Designs?

  1. We suggest that you commence by making a quick sketch of your nail art design to enable you to work out how many Swarovski crystals your  will need.
  2. Count out your crystals and place them on a small tray/dish. Each Swarovski crystal is flat backed which enables easy application.  Before you begin,  turn all the crystals over ensuring the shinny top of the crystal is facing you, this will make the application of the crystals much easier.
  3. Once you are ready incorporate the Swarovski crystals to your design. Simply pick up a single crystal with your choosen pick up tool, we suggest the Crystal Katana, and place on the nail in the desired position using your preffered nail glue.
  4. We don't recommend that you use a top coat over the crystals, this dull their shine.

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