Studs & Spikes

Studs & Spikes

Studs and Spikes are ideal for customising and embellishing your clothes and accessories including handbags, scarves, bracelets, boots, denim jackets, jeans, shorts, canvas shoes, motorbike jackets, belts, baseball caps and more. Why not visit your local charity shop and find an old denim jacket or pair of jeans and apply studs to create a fun and punky look.  

Stud and spikes are big on trend this season thats to Lady Gaga and her extravagant stage costumes, studs and spikes are no longer just for the punk fashion everyone is sporting studs and spikes on their clothing and shoes.  Famous fashion designers are adding studs and spikes to their designs which can be seen on the catwalk.  

You can combine the spikes with flatback crystals. We have a huge selection of colours, shapes and sizes

choose from; Cone Studs, Pyramid Studs, Rectangular Studs, Round Studs, Skull Studs, Star Studs, Tree Spikes and large selection of Screw Back Spikes.   We also supply the tools for applying the studs, spikes and hotfix studs. 

It is also possible to use Gemtac glue instead of heat to apply the hotfix studs.

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