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ss8 (2.6mm) Preciosa No Hotfix Flatback Crystals

The SS8 (2.6mm) Preciosa no flatback hotfix crystals Viva 12 are ideal for crystal manicures and pedicures, embellishing shoes, jewellery, mobile phones, kindles, Pet collars, computer mouse, vanity mirror, champagne flutes, microphones, ornaments and are very handy for filling in any spaces you are often left with when embellishing.

Many nail technicians like to use this sized crystal (ss8) to create their crystallized manicures and pedicures especially for special occasions such as weddings and parties! So why now have fun with your friends and organise a "girls night in" with a sparkling glass of wine and a sparkly manicure?

ss8 (2.6mm) Preciosa No Hotfix Flatback Crystals.

  • Starting at: £22.13
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