With crystal nail art, there’s no fiddly painting and you don’t have to create anything, you just have to glue on and instantly you have added something to a simple nail look. The sparkle you get from Swarovski crystals cannot be rivaled and that is why whether you add a couple of crystals or a full nail they are sure to make an impact. Just a couple of Swarovski Crystals were the perfect finishing touch to this nail design.

Swarovski Crystals are also the perfect partner to other forms of nail art and can bring a whole design together – plus you can’t go wrong with a bit of bling.

Crystal Parade have you covered selling everything you could possibly need whether its round flat-backs for an elegant band at the cuticle, pointed backs for a 3D cluster or a variety of shapes and sizes for a full-on bling nail and let’s not forget the rainbow of colours they come in (although I think you can’t go wrong with some simple AB Swarovski crystals!) With so many choices on the website it really is every girl’s sparkly dream, so here are some of your Swarovski choices.

Swarovski ss5 (1.8mm) Crystals

These are a good place to start, these bags feature 100 size ss5 crystals which are the perfect size for adding a little bit of sparkle to your nails. You can choose from your favourite colours (all of them in my case!) or Crystal Parade have done the work for you by putting together some fab colour mixes, these colours complement each other and can be used together in your designs.

Mixed Size Crystal Packs

These are very similar to the ss5 mixes except you get a mixture of sizes. Personally, I prefer these packs because I like the mix of different sizes in my nail art looks. You can really vary your placement with different sizes where I feel you can be a bit limited with one size.

These mixes are a great place to start if you are new to nails and crystals and you will quickly find these are the core items you need in your crystal box; every design can be built around these. With all this variety, the only limitation to your sparkly designs is your imagination – here are some of my designs.

Thanks for taking the time to read, see you next month.

Love and Sparkles!

Helen xx