The world of equestrian sport is well known for adding sparkle to both the horse and rider.  Whether you are showjumping, dressage, eventing and sporting a touch of sparkle is a popular choice to add to your jacket, stocks, hat, gloves, horse bridle, browband, plaiting bands and even stirrups.

You can add Swarovski and Preciosa flatback crystals to your gloves, stocks, equi discs, spurs, stirrups, hats, fly veils and why not add Swarovski buttons to you jacket to change your outfit and sparkle for your on lookers.

To apply Swarovski Crystals to a Riding Stock we would recommend you use the new Grab 360 and no hotfix crystals.  Apply a small bead of glue on your stock and place the crystal on top of the bead of glue.  To pick up the crystal we recommend you use a jewell setter or the Crystal Katana.

Crystallized riding stocks are ideal for hunting, eventing and pony club events.

Jazz up an your horse riding jacket with Swarovski 3015 Crystal Buttons.  Each button has a crystal shank to enable you to sew the button to the breast of the jacket or your cuffs.  

Preciosa plastic banding and cupchain is ideal for designing crystal browbands.

Quite simply, dressage means “training” or “preparation”. As described by the FEI: “Dressage, the highest expression of horse training, is considered the art of
equestrian sport and is used as the groundwork for all the other disciplines.” In dressage competition, the horse and rider perform a test for a number of judges
to reflect the horse’s way of going and level of schooling.  It is also very important that the horse and rider look immaculate and Swarovski and Preciosa crystals can help you achieve this.


Showing as an equestrian discipline strives to exhibit the most nearly perfect example of a particular type or breed of horse.
Exhibitors must be skilled in the training and presentation of the horse as an athlete. When showing a horse, the rider has to perfect
that art of riding the horse to show it off to its best advantage.
The horse’s confirmation, its movement, ability and manners as well as it looks are all taken into consideration in the show ring, you will often see horses sporting crystallized bridles and browbands.