Preciosa Pendeloque Chandelier Crystals 1002 - One Pin Hole

Preciosa Pendeloque Chandelier Crystals 1002 - One Pin Hole

Here at Crystal Parade we have a fabulous collection of Preciosa chandelier crystals and drops. The pendeloque shape is beautifully ornate looking and will bring a touch of class and sophistication to your design. Whether you are creating a chandelier, furniture trimmings or even an elegant sun-catcher, these stunning drops are the perfect choice! The pendeloque shape is available in a myriad of gorgeous colours and metallic coatings and come in many different sizes to suit your requirements.

The pendeloque drop is manufactured with one pin hole at the top enabling you to create stunning crystal trimmings on soft furnishings or individual drop pendants as a focal point to your design.

 *Please note the majority of these components are available from stock, however some products may come with a lead time of between 2 - 6 weeks. Please contact us for further details of availability. Tel: 01926 484214 E: [email protected]