Zodiac Flatback Pearls

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Zodiac Flatback Pearls

After many months of researching for reliable suppliers offering great quality products we are delighted to be able to offer these fabulous quality flatback pearls, also know as cabochon or half pearls, at a very cost effective price. These are probably the best quality available for this type of economical pearl.

The resin pearls we offer are great quality and ideal for adding to your nail art designs. The AB coated pearls are particularly popular as they give the pearl a two tone colour effect and work really well with crystals.

We have a myriad of colours to choose from, ranging from bright neon pinks, greens and yellows to the more neutral tones of nude, cream, ivory and white. The neon colours work particularly well with the Swarovski Electric range of crystals, and this is a very popular trend in the nail art world this summer.

As well as a cost effective range of pearls, we have also launched our own brand of crystals called Zodiac. In this range we also stock flatback crystal mixes, cubes and sew on stones.