Swarovski Crystal Spike

Swarovski Crystal Spike

Introducing the all new Swarovski flatback Spike. This 3D shape will add drama and depth to your manicures, craft projects, interior designs and embellishing of clothes, shoes and accessories.

These Crystal spikes, article number 2419 are very popular with nail artists who are look to create the wow factor in their nail art designs.   Each spike has a flat foiled bottom which enables you to glue the spike to your surface.  If you are gluing the spike to your garments or shoes we would recommend either Gem Tac or E6000 plus, both of these glues are available to purchase from Crystal Parade.  These stunning Swarovski crystal spikes are also available in larger sew on crystals, please take  a look in our Swarovski Sew on Stone section to find these gorgeous sew on stones.

Use along Swarovski and Preciosa flatback crystals to create a bespoke cluster effect.