Swarovski Crystal Pixie

Swarovski Crystal Pixie

Still a firm favourite with professionals creating nail art in the salon or for individuals with a passion for sparkly nails and wanting to create the DIY runway look at home, the Swarovski Crystal Pixie in Cute Mood is available here at Crystal Parade.  We also stock the other colours in the Swarovski Pixie Family.

The Swarovski crystal Pixie Cute Mood Nail Art Kit is a collection of very small faceted and unfaceted crystals which will give you stunning nail art effects.

What colour is the Cute Mood Pixie?   Inside the attractive glass bottle you will find 1000’s of tiny Swarovski AB crystals. 

What are AB crystals? AB crystals one of the most popular colours of iridescent gemstones, rhinestones, beads and crystals, whether they are used for nail art, dance costumes, performance costumes, theatrical costumes and wedding dresses. AB, also known as Aurora Borealis crystals, rainbow crystals or AB rhinestones, are unique in that they reflect the colours that surround them.

The Swarovski Pixie Cute Mood can be applied over nail varnish and gel nails to give that extra touch of sparkle to your manicure and nail art designs. All products from the Crystal Pixie range create a unique three-dimensional effect. Each Swarovski Crystal Pixie contains: 5g bottle of Crystal Pixie, Application Funnel Full instructions

How do I apply the Swarovski Crystal Pixie Cute Mood?

Instruction for polish:

  1. Apply two base layers of nail polish
  2. Pour Swarovski Crystal Pixie Cute Mood over the wet nail polish
  3. Pixie Cute Mood will sink into the moist nail polish
  4. Gently press and compact the Cute Mood Pixie into the nail bed
  5. Scrape off excess crystals for clean edges
  6. Let polish dry – Pixie Cute Mood will stick onto the nail polish
  7. Apply topcoat to the edges of the Swarovski Crystal Pixie nail art creation

Instruction for gel:

  1. Apply gel base coat and gel colour (optional)
  2. Apply a layer of adhesive gel such as our recommended Missu Jewellery Gel
  3. Pour Swarovski Crystal Pixie Cute Mood over desired area on nail
  4. Scrape off excess crystals & cure under your nail art lamp
  5. Use alcohol to wipe off tacky gel
  6. Apply gel topcoat to seal off the edge & cure


How many single nail decorations will my 5 gram bottle Swarovski Cute Mood decorate? The Swarovski Crystal Pixie  Cute Mood will cover approximately 25 single nail decorations!

Where is the Swarovski Crystal Pixie Cute Mood Made:  Made at the Swarovski manufacturing plant in Austria