Swarovski Shimmer Crystals

Swarovski Shimmer Crystals

It is quite hard to imagine how any Swarovski crystal could possibly rival the iconic Aurora Borealis effect. Meet the new Shimmer Effect which is the next evolutionary step in the famous AB crystal surface finish. With a subtle coating that throws off a rainbow of multicolored refractions, it is a true credit to the original. Perfectly suited to a variety of disciplines including nail art, dance, couture, home interiors, it is especially easy to imagine how stunning and beautiful it would look in on a stage/performance costume.

Available in 15 different colours, the new shimmer crystals sparkle with three shades of a single colour that cast wave-like ripples of softly changing light reflections, accentuating every movement.

Choose from some fabulous colours including Fuchsia, Blue Zircon, Tangerine, Silk and many more. The most popular colours for nail art are Crystal Shimmer, which is a clear diamante effect colour with the shimmer coating over the top reflecting shaed of gold, silver and diamond, and Silk Shimmer which is a beautiful mix of different gold tones.

We supply the Shimmer range in small packs of 100, wholesale packs of 1440 and packs of 200 containing mixed sizes for when you just want to add more sparkle!

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Recently in 2019 Swarovski have introduced two new shimmer colours, Light Rose and Tanzanite which have proved extremely popular amoung nail technicians and craftes alike.

Order your Swarovski Shimmer today and be amazed by the light reflections it casts.