Swarovski Endangered Collection

Swarovski Endangered Collection

Global warming and environmental issues are a huge part of everybody's lives, and here at Crystal Parade we have been inspired by the precious animals and plant life on our planet that are currently or soon to be an endangered species.

We have created four gorgeous mixes representing tigers, ice caps, the trees and the bees using stunning Swarovski crystals and shapes. Simply apply the crystals with Missu Jewellery Glue or your preferred nail adhesive. Or you can set the crystals into gel polish and cure under a UV/LED lamp. We recommend the Crystal Katana pick up tool for application, or if you're on a budget you can try our other cost effective Tools and Accessories.

We have some other fantastic crystal ranges including Scarlett Senter's Wellbeing Collection and Wonderland Collection. Here we have collaborated with the award winning nail artist to create these fabulous products.

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