Preciosa Crystal Faerie

Preciosa Crystal Faerie

*We are sending a little goody bag of FREE crystals to match the design of the Faerie you choose!*

Introducing the brand new Crystal Faerie from Preciosa. You can choose between 5g and 10g bottles. Each bottle of Crystal Faerie contains tiny crystals in a mixture of faceted and unfaceted crystals, coming together to create a bespoke and stunning effect. The crystals are less than 1mm in size and replicate fairy dust.

The crystals are applied to either a gel polish before LED/UV curing, or a nail glue.

The 10g bottle will cover over 40 nails and can be used with flatback crystals, pearls and other nail art embellishments. This is double the amount covered by the Swarovski Pixie.

The 5g bottle covers the same amount as the Swarovski Pixe but for half the price!