Nail Art Tools & Accessories

Nail Art Tools & Accessories

When applying crystals to your nail tips, clients nails, your nails and friends nails it is always great when there on tools on hand to make your life easier.

In our nail art tools catergory we have a small selection of tools which will definately make the process of crystal placement a lot easier.

Our number one selling nail art tool is the Crystal Katana, we often describe it as the Rolls Royce of Pick up tools, the Katana is a professional tool which has recently been patented by its inventor Kellie DeFries.  The Katana is comfortable, has a specialised jewellery wax which picks up the crystal and on the other end of the Katana is a small metal tip which is used to apply slight pressure to secure the crystal in place.

Jewel Setters, these are cost effective pick up tools with malable wax tips which you shape according to the size of the crystal or embellishment you are picking, these are great value for money.

Adjustable Pallet Ring - This handy adjustable ring colour palette is ideal for those complicated nail art designs that require more than one colour. The palette can hold 8 different colours and has an indentation to remove any excess polish/gel from your brush.

Triangle Tray - just sprinkle your flatback crystals, gems and rhinestones in the handy triangle tray, give it a little shake and the majority of the crystals will flip themselves over.

Pick up Pencil - For just £1.00 this pick up pencil is handy to keep in your nail art kit, it will pick up glitter flakes, sequins, beads and crystals.