Mixed Sized Crystal Packs SS5 - SS9

Mixed Sized Crystal Packs SS5 - SS9

These mixed sized packs of crystals are a great way to experiment with different sizes without having to order a pack of each size. We like to include tiny crystals from ss5 (1.8mm) to ss9 (2.8mm), these are the most popular sizes for nail art as you are able to create detailed and intricate designs. Our mixed size packs are a best seller for us within the nail art industry but they can also be used for embellishing clothes, accessories, shoes, mobile phones and other household objects.

We have created lots of different themed mixes from gorgeous Summertime 'Rose Garden' to the sultry 'Burlesque' mix. Or why not choose the 'Cute Mood' mix which includes all of the most used colours within the nail art world - AB, White Opal, and varying shades of pink. Within this section you will also find products from our various ranges including Scarlett Senter's 'Wellbeing Collection' and Scarlett Senter's 'Wonderland Collection' where we have collaborated with the award winning nail artist and created some beautiful unique mixes. There is plenty to choose from!

Check out some of our other nail art crystal products, from dainty Charms and Studs to our range of large Statement Crystals. We also supply a fantastic range of tools, storage and applicators. One of our best selling tools is the Crystal Katana - the perfect tool for picking up and applying the crystals with speed and ease.