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Crystal Shapes

Browse our fabulous selection of crystal shapes including flatback rhinestones, pointed back crystal shapes, shape mixes and bundle deals in both the Swarovski and Preciosa brand. From trendy geometric shapes like diamonds, squares, rhombus and kites, to delicate feminine shapes for example raindrop, pearshape, flames and hearts, we have something to suit your style.

The flatback foiled shapes are perfect for adding that extra dimension to your design, and look stunning when combined with pearls and other round rhinestones.

Some of our bestselling nail art products are crystal mixes that include a Swarovski shape. These have been so popular because as a nail technician you can charge that little bit extra for adding a Swarovski shape to the clients manicure. And with so many different styles and colours available, we have been able to create mixes to suit any personality. Check out our Swarovski Cocktail Collection for our interpretation of our favourite cocktails. Or why not browse the Scarlett Senter Collections, where we have joined up with the award winning technician to create these bespoke mixes. Choose from a great selection of products in the Wellbeing and Wonderland ranges, and look out for Alice which is our most popular!

We also stock pointed back crystal shapes, these are great for adding even more bling. The pointy back allows you to create 3D designs known as the Cluster Effect and will make a statement on your manicure. These 3D crystals need to be set into your design using a thick gel like glue for example Missu Jewellery Gel or can be set into your gel polish an cured under a UV/LED lamp. This bonds the crystal firmly in place and ensures it won't ping off.

As well as crystal shapes, we also stock a large range of other nail art products for example Caviar Beads, Pearls, Swarovski Pixie Kit, Nail Art Charms and much more.