Statement Crystal Mixes - Larger Sizes

Statement Crystal Mixes - Larger Sizes

Here we have put together some nail art mixes using larger sized crystals. A recent trend in the nail art world has been to use 3D chunky crystals to make a statement nail. So check out some of our 3D mixes, Statement mixes and different shapes in both Preciosa and Swarovski crystals.

3D and pointed back crystals can be eaily set into a gel polish and cured under a UV/LED lamp. This will ensure the chunky crystals is sturdy and less likely to ping off. If you prefer to use glue, we would recommend a thick gel like glue for example Missu Adhesive Tony Ly edition.

A new product released by Swarovski this year is the AB Spike. This stunning piece of crystal is flatback so can easily be glued onto the nail or set into a gel polish and cured. We have introduced this product as a mix of 12 pieces in three different sizes and it has taken the nail art world by storm! Use with smaller flatback round crystals or other Swarovski Shapes to create a unique design.

Another popular range of crystals released by Swarovski recently are the Electric Family and DeLite Collection. They are a new style of crystal which has extra depth and sparkle. The Electric crystals even glow in the dark!