Nail and Beauty Kits

Eye Sparkle Eyelash Starter Kit
New Arrival
Earn 7 sparkle points
£8.81 £7.34
Eye Sparkle Eyelash Mega Kit Sale
New Arrival
Earn 15 sparkle points
Regular Price £20.15 Special Price £17.99 £14.99
 Swarovski Crystal Pixie Original Cute Mood
New Arrival
£19.80 £16.50
Swarovski Crystal Manicure Starter Kit
New Arrival
£20.15 £16.79
Swarovski Nail Art Bundle
Earn 18 sparkle points
£21.41 £17.84
Nail and Beauty Kits

Make yourself feel fabulous with our speciality Beauty Kits, from nail art to eyelashes, add a little sparkle to your look!

Here at Crystal Parade we use the beautiful and high quality Swarovski crystals in all of our kits for that extra bling! Try our Manicure and Pedicure kit which includes everything you need to design and execute your own manicure, from genuine Swarovski crystals to the tools and glue needed. Or try our manicure starter kit including 1 set of false nails. To add extra fun and sparkle to your nails, why not browse our crystal shapes collection:

We also stock the eyelash starter kit and eyelash mega kit, both including false eyelashes, eyelash glue, tweezers and genuine Swarovski crystals. With a bit of innovation and flair you can create a masterpiece for your eyes! Our eyelash mega kit even includes crystals in a variety of colours so you can customize for any occasion.

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