Manchester Pride & Cheryl Cole

Manchester Pride & Cheryl Cole

(Image: Carl Sukonik | The Vain Photography)

Manchester Pride & Cheryl Cole sparkle with Crystal Parade's Swarovski crystals. Every day is different in the office at Crystal Parade. In August we were fortunate to work with the very talented Jack Irvine and team again to help them select the correct colours for Cheryl’s sexy black high cut leotard for her performance at Manchester Pride Live.

Jack sent across a photo of the colour pallet and the measurements. We matched the Swarovski colours in the colour scheme Jack wished to recreate and advised on the quantity and size (SS20) required.

Cheryl's Crystal Costume

The colours used for the front of Cheryl’s leotard were:

Brown – Smoked Topaz

Black – Jet

Yellow – Citrine

Pale pink – Light Rose

Deep Purple – Purple Velvet

Pink – Fuchsia

Rich Gold – Topaz

Clear – clear

Green – Peridot

Light Blue – Aquamarine

The former Girls Aloud star helped the city of Manchester celebrate the LGBT and community by performing at the 4 day event.

cheryl cole

(Image: Carl Sukonik | The Vain Photography)

Cheryl opened her appearance with an emotional speech about equal rights which included:

"My name's Cheryl and I believe in Love...together tonight we are celebrating the right to love and be loved by whoever we choose in our lifetime and I believe we should fight for this love".

Cheryl's grand entrance wrapped in a huge LGBTQ flag which was unravelled and revealed Fight for this Love.

The performance was a great hit with the Manchester audience, including a Girls Aloud medley and energetic dance breakdowns.  Plus, her sexy black high cut leotard with Swarovski sparkle got everyone talking.

If you would like to recreate Cheryl’s look, please check out our range of dance fabrics and Swarovski flatback crystals.  If you are a dancer and are wanting to make your own dance costumes please get in touch, we are happy to help you with your fabric and crystal selection. We will send you free samples to help you create a truly amazing dance costume, upon request.

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