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If you enjoy designing stamped cards or you would like to try a new craft g method for your card making or scrapbooking ink is an essential item To keep in your crafting cupboard.  

it is possible to stamp on various surfaces from card and paper, fabric and wood. You can also use inks without stamps, apply them on the edge of card to give a distressed/vintage look.

Chalk inks are a pigment ink which have a powdery, matte
finish once dry. They have the vibrance of a pigment ink but can be blended like a dye-based ink, making them a popular choice with cardmakers.

Ink Hints & Tips 

Always store your ink pads upside down, so the ink falls to the top of the felt pad. This will ensure your ink pad stays moist when it Is required

Make sure your stamp is clean before you ink it up, so your ink pads don't become tainted with other colours.

To avoid over-inking your stamps, always take the ink pad to the stamp, tapping it gently onto the surface (instead of pressing the stamp down into the ink pad). This will help you achieve an even coverage of ink and a clean, stamped image.



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