Hotfix Star Studs

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Hotfix Star Studs

These hotfix star studs are one of most popular studs, combined with hotfix crystals you can create some fun and funky designs.

You can apply these hotfix star studs to lots of different materials including cotton, denim, lycra, satin, silk, velvet, velor, paper, card, leather and suede.  We all have an old pair of jeans or jacket hidden at the back of the wardrobe that would find a new lease of life if you were to embellish it with a few star studs.

You can also apply these hotfix star studs to shoes. To apply the hotfix studs you can either use a glues, ie GemTac or E6000 and stick them to your chosen surface or you can use a household iron. 

To apply the hotfix stars using an iron Crystal Parade would recommend that you place your garment on a flat hard surface, place the stars on your chosen garment, place a hankychief over the stars and then with the iron on its hottest setting and with NO steam gently iron over the hanky, moving the iron in a circular motion, it will take approx 15 seconds for the heat to melt the glue.

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