Hotfix Pyramid Studs

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Hotfix Pyramid Studs

These Hotfix Pyramid Studs can transform your clothes.  The design possibilities are limitless, apply them to a denim jacket, the pockets of jeans, create funky patterns, add them to tote bags, up-cycle your handbag, shoes and clothes.

The iron-on studs, also know as hotfix studs can be applied in various ways:

*With an iron or with a hotfix applicator wand (on fabrics): Position the studs and lay a hot iron or the largest flat hotfix tip onto each stud for a few seconds, this will activate the glue (the studs are pre-filled with a solid glue which activates with heat) and fix the studs on the fabric.

Alternatively you can apply using either gemtac glue or E6000 glue The iron on-studs have a flat back and you can use the glue of your choice to apply them to a multitude of surfaces.

Hotfix Studs can be applied onto T-shirts, jeans, i-phone cases, boxes, shoes, bags, Converse trainers, Vans, jackets, leather bags, hats and belts and even your interior designs much more.

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