Loose Sequins 50mm

Loose Sequins 50mm

*Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of Fabric and Trimmings items. Nothing says showbiz like sequins! Here you can purchase packs of loose sequins in all the colours under the rainbow so you can add glitz and glamour to your clothing, dancewear, shoes and accessories.

Sequins catch the light and are the perfect way to add bling to just about anything. Whether you want to create a fully sequined dress or just add a row of sequins to a headband, Crystal Parade’s loose sequins are ideal.

Sequins are available in different sizes so you can choose the right sequins for your project. They look amazing attached to any fabric and can really make an impact, so why not try adding sequins to your favourite accessories, or jazz up an old dress?

Sequins can be used in conjunction with our feather trimmings, fringe, trimmings and fancy stretch fabric for the ultimate wow effect. If you need any help choosing the sequins, crystals or trimmings for your creative project just contact us as we’re always happy to share our advice.