*Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of Fabric and Trimmings items. Welcome to our fabulous range of fringing, part of our wide selection of fabrics and trimmings. These fringe trims and perfect for dance costumes, theatrical costumes and fancy dress outfits.

Tactel Fringe

Tactel fringe is the most commonly used dance trimming as they will accentuate and enhance the movement of the performers and dancers body creating a fuller and visually striking dance performance. Tactel fringing is very popular for applying to Latin dresses but we are now seeing the fringes being used for Ballroom dresses and often seen on the catwalk.  This fringe is also ideal for Charleston dresses.  If you are creating a fabulous dance costumer or making a fashion statement this tactel fringe will work for you.

How to apply Tactel Fringe . You can either glue or stitch your fringe to your garment.  Here is a video showing you how to add Fringe to A Dance Skirt or Top
Non stretch fringe is ideal for a skirt and style line detailing, the stretch fringing is the ideal choice for your dance costumes as the stretch will allow for the movements of a dancer.
 TACTEL® fibre is twice as soft & 20% lighter than most other fibres used to make fringe.

Elasticated Bugle Bead Fringe
Are made of a very high quality glass seed beads and bugle beads hand sewn to a satin ribbon.  Supplied by the meter and can easily be sewn onto your dance costumes.  They highlight the movement of your dance costume.

Bead droppers
Supplied in a bunch of 50 strands, each strand is made of high quality glass seed beads and bugle beads are will create stunning detail on ballroom dresses.   Also popular when making your own burlesque tassels and or pasties.
 Bead droppers have been commonly used for Latin dresses but are now also seen on Ballroom dresses to create striking detail.

Bugle Bead droppers
Supplied in bunches of 50 strands, the glass bugle beads are separated by glass seed beads and strung on special yarns of polyester silk, you will save significant time when working with these bugle bead strands.  They are very popular within oriental dance and ballroom sport.
The brilliance of the developing glass cylinders gives the dancer more grace and sparkle, making her stand out on the dance floor, attracting the attention of her onlookers and more importantly the judges.  Supplied in a bunch of 50 strands, each strand is made of high quality glass seed beads and bugle beads are will create stunning detail on ballroom dresses.   Also popular with burlesque performers for making their tassels also known as nipple tassels and pasties.

From feathers to beading, Crystal Parade have everything you need to create the wow factor with your costumes and capture the judges attention. Whether you’re a costume maker or a serial accessorizer, our range of high quality trimmings will be right at home in your collection.

The bead dropper trimmings are available in a rainbow of colours so you’re sure to find the perfect match (or contrast) for your outfit. The glamorous beaded trimmings look ever better teamed with Swarovski crystals for the ultimate eye catching costume.

If you want to add more of a subtle touch, then why not go for our Goose feather or Ostrich fringe? It’s oh-so-soft and once again comes in a huge selection of colours from canary yellow to flamingo pink.

Adding the finishing touches to your clothing or theatre costumes couldn’t be easier with our range of feather boas, fringing, sequins, crystals, zips and dance fabrics.