Lustre Lycra

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Lustre Lycra 1m Silver
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Lustre Lycra 1m Hematite
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Lustre Lycra 1m Black
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Lustre Lycra

Browse our fantastic collection of shiny lustre lycra where we stock a huge variety of colours ranging from bold reds and blues to the more subtle tones of nude and champagne. This lycra is an extremely high quality 4 way stretch and is perfect for dance costumes, sportswear and swimwear. It is incredibly durable, versatile and feels smooth to the touch as well as having a beautiful shiny finish. Our lycra can be used as a base fabric for dance dresses and stage costumes as it is lightweight and flexible allowing ease of movement for the dancer. It also looks fantastic when used with other fabrics and trimmings. We also stock a great range of Preciosa and Swarovski crystals that can be easily applied to the lycra using glue or the hotfix method. However you choose to crystallise, the lycra will not blemish but will look even more stunning under the lights!

Composition: 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra.

Approximate Width: 150cm