*Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of Fabric and Trimmings items. If you’re an experienced costume maker, you’ll know that you can’t make a dress from just a sheet of fabric. You’ll need some accessories to piece together the outfit, and we have everything you’d need here from zips to bra cups.

The Crystal Parade range of accessories perfectly compliment the fabrics and trimmings collection. Looking to create some interest on a dance costume or a dress? Our satin binding boasts a sleek, silky finish and is available in a range of eye catching colours. All satin binding is dyed to perfectly match the entire range of fabrics and trimmings, so you can easily choose a motif or ribbon in the same shade as the binding.

Our large range of functional YKK zips are ideal for designing and making clothing, shoes, bags, cushions and other accessories. For dressmaking and dancewear we also stock a range of bra cups, with optional added lift, for sewing into dance or theatre costumes.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.