The Estelle System II ear piercing is the ideal choice for Beauty Salons, Hair Salons, Beauty Academy, Spas, Jewellers, mobile beauticians and pharmacies.

The innovative assisted action ensures consistent, quick and accurate operation with minimum client discomfort.  The simple cassette loading system is easy and speedy and ensures the operator has no contact with the earring or clasp at any point during the piercing process.

System II design ensures correct spacing between the earring and clasp, no after piercing adjustment required and the transparent cassette allows full visibility of the earring allowing perfect alignment during the ear piercing process.

Your return on investment will easily be realised, with a small investment of  £165.83 you can achieve over £1000 in revenue in a short period of time.   The price for an ear piercing within the UK in salons, spa's and retail outlets varies from county to county, from £10.00 to £25.00 giving you an average price of £17.50 per piercing this giving you an estimated achievable return on investment of £1260!  (72 pairs of studs x £17.50).

Hygienic & environmentally friendly – the Estelle System II is designed to offer maximum hygiene & minimum packaging.

Compliant with current E.U. Nickel Directive. Manufactured and sterilised in England.

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