Swarovski Pointy Back Stones

Swarovski Pointy Back Stones

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Foiled Pointy Back Chatons or Swarovski pointed back rhinestones are ideal for jewellery making and jewellery designs, they can be set or cast into metal settings with prongs or used in pre-set cavities and glued into position. These loose stones are available in a myriad of cuts, XILION Chaton to name but one.

Swarovski Elements Xilion Chaton is the new generation of brilliance and sure to provoke inspiration and creativity whilst allowing for a versitle array of uses with equal lashes of beauty and elegance!

If you are looking for table scatter crystals for wedding celebrations we advise that you order the Swarovski Pointy Back Chaton UNFOILED.   These are a special order, please drop us an email with your requirements and we will be very happy to provide you with availability and pricing