Swarovski Hotfix Flatback Pearls SMALL packs

Swarovski Hotfix Flatback Pearls SMALL packs

Swarovski Hotfix Flatback pearls

We have introduced these small handy packs of Swarovski flatback pearls, also known as flatback cabochons. It may be that you want to mix a few pearls into your designs or wedding stationery.   These Swarovski flatback pearls can be applied to your chose surface using the Kandi Kane Applicator Wand available from our tools and accessories catergory.
We believe that Swarovski have master the manufacturing process of these flatback pearl to create a near perfect looking pearl by applying a  unique formulated coating to a cystal core giving you a lustrous pearl shimmer.These flat backed cabochons have a smooth domed surface which has a subtle shine like a small delicate pearl.