ss20 (5mm) Swarovski No Hotfix Flatback Crystals

ss20 (5mm) Swarovski No Hotfix Flatback Crystals

Small pack of 100 SS20 (5mm) Swarovski Flatbacks also known as SS20 gems are a popular customising sized crystal made all the more inspiring by the array of colour choices available.

These crystals are a regular choice for costume creations throughout the dance and performance world but are also perfect for smaller projects such as adding a subtle kick to your kindle or decorating the stem of a delicate wine glass.

Personalising gifts with messages and names are a popular choice and can be done on more intricate scales with thesE small packs such as a \'Happy Birthday\' message on a new jewellry box or perhaps a \'Mr and Mrs\' lettering around some new champagne flutes!