Swarovski Non Hotfix Mixed Packs

Swarovski Non Hotfix Mixed Packs

We have introduced a collection of Swarovski crystal mixes in sizes ss5, ss7, ss12, ss16 and ss20 and even packs of varied sizes. Try the ss5 rainbow mix to add a sense of summertime fun to your pedicure. Colours include bright greens and blues, luscious reds and pinks and eye popping yellows and oranges!

New colours introduced this year include the gorgeous Coral Twist which is the pantone colour of 2019 and the beautiful Sugar Rush which is packed with bold candy colours. We have also introduces which contain shapes and pearls allowing you to create stunning unique designs that will be bespoke to your client.

For card making, browse our latest range of ss10 mixes from romantic Valentine's mix to sparkly Peacock mix! Or try our sherbet mix, packed with beautiful subtle springtime shades for the vintage shic look.

Our peacock mix is perfect for funky nail art designs as well as jazzing up greetings cards and customizing your clothes. Made up from jewel bright colours - sapphire, emerald, turquoise, topaz and amethyst.

If you're a nail technician, why not check out our NAIL ART category which is bursting with new products, best selling application tools and inspirational photos. Here, you can also find the Scarlett Senter collections where we have collaborated with the award winning nail artist to create two fabulous nail art ranges!

Our mixes are made up exclusively with high quality Swarovski crystals in various colours in a theme to suit any design.

*Colours may vary