ss6 (2mm) Swarovski No Hotfix Flatback Crystals

ss6 (2mm) Swarovski No Hotfix Flatback Crystals

We strive to always keep stock of wholesale packs in Clear, AB and a selection of the best-selling colours. Some items will be purchased to order so please allow up to 5 days for delivery. If you would like to know product availability before ordering, please call us on 01926 484214.

SS6 (2mm) Swarovski No Hotfix Flatback Crystals are a versatile Swarovski Rhinestone used for many different applications including crystallizing heels and are an effective tool in decorating finger and toe nails as used by many nail technicians. 

There are a variety of glues available for use with these crystals however we at Crystal Parade often advise the use of E6000 for non porous textiles such as shoes and Gem Tac glue for use on porous materials such as clothing.

For use with Gem Tac Glue: 

  1. Place a very small bead of gem tac glue on the underside of the crystal and position gently or if you prefer, place a small amount of glue on your chosen surface and allow the Gem tac to become tacky for approximately 1 minute.
  2. Then using the Crystal Katana or Jewell Setter, pick up the crystal (shiny side up) and place on to the glue. 
  3. Once the crystal is placed, adjust the position as neccessary.
  4. Then leave for 15 minutes until the glue is set and then simply be prepared to turn heads!