ss30 (6mm) Swarovski No Hotfix Flatback Crystals

ss30 (6mm) Swarovski No Hotfix Flatback Crystals

We strive to always keep stock of wholesale packs in Clear, AB and a selection of the best-selling colours. Some items will be purchased to order so please allow up to 5 days for delivery. If you would like to know product availability before ordering, please call us on 01926 484214.

Wholesale pack of 360 SS30 6mm Swarovski Flatbacks come in a wide range of colours and contain a high lead content, this therefore makes them somewhat heavier than their glass counterpart and creates an increase in the index of refraction thus giving them the sparkle of diamonds.

Items such as greetings cards, invitations, sunglasses, photo albums, picture frames, posters, craft materials, shoes, clothing, door handles, stationary, accessories, glassware and home furnishings are just a small list that can be transformed with Swarovski Crystals!

E6000 glue makes for a brilliant adhesive for items such as shoes and frames whereas materials and clothing are better suited to the use of Gem Tac glue.

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