Swarovski Non Hotfix Crystals Wholesale Packs

Swarovski Non Hotfix Crystals Wholesale Packs

If you are using lots of crystals for a project, purchasing your crystals in wholesale packs is more cost effective than purchasing in small retail packs. 

These Swarovski non hotfix flatback crystals, also know as rhinestones, gems and diamantes have the same flat back as hot-fix crystals, but do not have a bonding agent pre-applied. 

Swarovski flatback crystals hotfix non have a foiled mirror backing enabling you to apply your own cold glue, ie Gemtac, or E6000 by hand or with a precision glue syringe and the Crystal Katana pick up tool.  If you are applying the larger sized crystals, i.e. SS30 (6mm) upwards a hot melt glue gun you can be used.   When gluing with your preferred glue, apply a small bead of glue on your garment, gadget, etc and using a pick up tool place the crystals one by one on top the bead of glue.

These Swarovski non hotifix flatback crystals are used to decorate items such as picture frames, nailart, mobile phones, gadgets, sun glasses, shoes, handbags, picture frames, laptops, gadgets and even motor vehicles!

Here at Crystal Parade we supply Swarovski Non hotfix crystals to customers who need to apply extra sparkle to their ballroom dance costumes, Irish Dance costumes, performance costumes,  ice skating costumes, free style dance costumes, bridal gowns, gym wear, workwear, artwork, nail art designs, interior designs, shoes, hats and craft projects including Parchment Craft, Scrapbooking, quilting and Card Making.