Swarovski Flatback Non Hotfix

Swarovski Flatback Non Hotfix

There are two types of Swarovski flatback crystals. Swarovski flatback crystals non hotfix and Swarovski flatback crystals hotfix.

Here you will find Swarovski non hotfix flatback crystals which can easily be applied to a wide range of carrier materials, where ironing is not possible. We offer several glue products to enable you to adhere non hotfix flatback crystals to your desired surface, including Gem Tac and E6000 along with Missu Jewellery Gel for nails. Swarovski Non hotfix flatback crystals are durable, long lasting and versatile. This makes them the ideal decoration for fingernails, crockery, accessories, picture frames, bags, electronic devices, garments, shoes, photos and canvas prints, pens and pencils, etc. These non hotfix flat back rhinestones, or crystals, can be applied with glue or by using metal settings to secure them to fabric.

They are available in a multitude of colours, sizes and cuts - among them the Swarovski crystals XILION Rose and Xirius Rose, the new generation of brilliance. In 2018 Swarovski have introduced some new colours including the Electric Family which are a collection of neon bright glow in the dark crystals. These are most popular with Freestyle dancers and thetrical costumes. Swarovski have also introcued the Crystal DeLite range which is a new coating giving the crystal multi-layered effect. This range is available in five colours and are particulary popular with nail artist as they have a very feminine finish.

Xilion Rose Cut

2058 Xirius Rose Flat Back Rhinestones were introduced by Swarovski Crystals in 2014. Swarovski rhinestone are cut to be highly reflective. These crystal are available from 12ss and up.

The term Xilion is a particular faceting style, or cut, patented by Swarovski and launched in 2004 in their bead line. These crystals are cut with 14 facets with a higher profile and smaller table top which alternate from large to small facets, creating higher brilliance and more intense light reflection.

Xirius Rose Cut

2088 Xirius (named after the brightest star in the galaxy) Rose Flat Back Rhinestones were introduced by Swarovski Crystals in 2014. Swarovski rhinestone are cut to be highly reflective and have an enhanced foiling which work together to create an exceptionally durable new generation of crystal – taking it one step closer to the diamond.  The Xirius cut is available from SS12 upwards

Please note that we are unable to refund the full cost of a wholesale packets if it is returned opened and in unsaleable condition. If you are unsure of the colour and size of crystals prior to purchase, we recommend you request a sample in advance.

For an alternative brand, why not check out our range of Preciosa Crystals which offer a huge range of products and give off a brilliant shine. Many people like to mix Swarovski and Preciosa rhinestones which is a clever way to be cost-effective with their project.