ss12 (3.2mm) Swarovski Hotfix Flatback Crystals

ss12 (3.2mm) Swarovski Hotfix Flatback Crystals

2038 Xilion Rose Swarovski ss12 (3.2mm) small packs of 100 flatback crystals also known as rhinestones, iron on crystals, sequins, gems, diamantes are an ideal hotfix crystal for applying to many surfaces including, artwork, home furnishings, craft projects, clothing and accessories.

Do you have dance costume that needs extra sparkle? Applying some hotfix crystals will create lots of shine and dazzle when you are on the dance floor! Crystal Parade have recently worked with the \'Phantom of the Opera\' tour in which the Phantom himself wore hotfix jet crystals on his cloak which sparkled excellently under stage lighting and wowed the audience! 

Hotfix gems are also referred to as iron-on crystals and are applied through the heat from the hotfix tool (the Kandi Kane Hotfix Applicator Wand), iron or heatpress which activate the glue on the rear of the crystal. 

These flatback hotfix crystals are easy to use and great fun to customise all your fashion products including baseball caps, dance wear, jackets, shorts, dresses or costumes and it only takes up to 24 hours for your crystals to fully secure and you to be showing off your creation!