Swarovski Flatback Hotfix

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Swarovski Flatback Hotfix

Swarovski Hotfix Crystals, also known as Rhinestones, gems, diamantes, heat fix or iron on crystals, are loose crystal elements with a flat reverse side which has been pre-coated with a glue that is activated by heat.

Swarovski Hotfix flatback crystals can be easily applied through the use of heat due to their glue backing; there are several tools to choose from including the Hotfix Kandi Kane, household iron or a heat press. The Hotfix Kandi Kane is a very popular choice for our customers, it is a handheld tool which can be used to apply the Swarovski hotfix crystals to a mulitude of surfaces including, paper and card for your scrapbooking and card making designs or to various materials including satin, silk, lycra, denim, cotton meaning that you can add the hotfix crysals to your wedding stationery, including, wedding invites, thank you and save the date cards, place names, gift tags etc, bridal gown, evening dress, dance costumes, gym wear, casual wear, hoodies, craft projects, interior design project and much more.

A great advantage to using Hotfix rather than Non-Hotfix crystals is that they speed up the application process and is mess free! The perfect amount of glue is already on the crystal so you don't have to worry about using too much and creating a mess. Also the glue dries almost instantly.

The team at Crystal Parade have applied hotfix crystals to champagne bottles, workwear with our "Team Sparkle" logo, greeting cards, photographs, artwork, dance costumes, theatre sets, props and clothing.

Crystal Parade offer a huge choice of colours from cool blues to pretty pinks in the Swarovski Flatback Hotfix Crystal range of colours. So whether you are embellishing your dance costumes, wedding shoes or denim jeans we will have the perfect colour and size for you!
Checkout our range of Swarovski flatback crystals hotfix wholesale packs. If you are looking for hotfix crystals in smaller quantities, why not try the Preciosa category where we supply a wide range of sizes and colours in hotfix.
Also, have you seen our handy storage pots? They are ideal for storing your crystals and keeping them organised! Each individual jar, with a screw top lid, is clear plastic which enables you to quickly identify your crystals.
How do you apply Swarovski hotfix crystals

There are 3 ways to apply Swarovski hotfix Rhinestones and crystals.

Heat Press - If you are a professional and carry out a lot of production work a heat press will be a good investment. The heat press is the most accurate way of applying your hotfix flatback crystals to you garments so if you have access to a heat press we suggest you use it. If not use option 2, a household iron. Use the same procedure as below and follow directions provided by the heat press manufacturer.

Dry Iron - A dry iron without heat vents is best, be sure there is NO steam in the application process. If your iron has vents insert a Telfon sheet between the iron sole plate and the fabric, if you dont have Teflon you can use a cotton tea towel as an alternative. For very small transfers you can use option 3, a hotfix applicator Wand, we recommend the Kandi Kane applicator wand.


    Preparation is key.  Plan exactly where you want your design. We suggest that you try on yourclothing and mark with pins or chalk where you wish the transfer crystals to be.
    Next place your garment on a hard, flat and heat proof surface, a wooden chopping board, a firm ironing board with a Teflon surface is ideal. You can also use a granite or non-porous surface.
    TIP: If you are placing the crystals on to pockets or if your fabric is thin we suggest that you place a Teflon sheet or white cotton cloth between the front and back layer. This will prevent the glue when it melts adhering the layers of your fabric together.


    The glue on the reverse of Swarovski and Preciosa hot fix flatback crystals is activated within a temperature range of 120°C to 170°C (250°F to 340°F). Your household irons will have temp chart for the type of fabric you are ironing.
    Preheat the iron. Turn off the steam. NO Steam otherwise the glue will not work.
    Iron/press your item before you apply the transfer this will remove any wrinkles and prepare your garment for the hot fix glue.


    The clear sticky film holds the flatback crystals in place. Don't handle it too much, it will loose its stickiness! Peel off the white solid plastic backing and place to one side.
    Place the film (sticky side with crystals) exactly where you want your design on your garment if you design not in the required position, gently lift up the film and put it in the correct position. If you are happy with the placement of the crystal transfer, with a little pressure rub your hands over the transfers so that the sticky side of the transfer has contact with your garment.
    Dont forget is your iron has vents, place a Teflon sheet over your transfer.


    Place your pre-heated iron directly on the Teflon, allow it to remain in place for at just under 2 minutes making slow circular movements to be sure that the crystals which are under the steam vents have been heated sufficiently also..
    If your crystal transfer is larger than the plate of your iron, lift the iron and place on another section of the transfer making slow circular movements.
    Repeat this process until you have "ironed" the entire crystal transfer area.

Cooling down

    Allow the transfer to cool slightly.
    Carefully and slowly peel the clear film off the design. If any crystals are still on the film, place that section of the design back down on the fabric and re-press with your iron and add a little pressure.
    Allow the transfer to cool slightly again then slowly peel off the film ensuring that all the rhinestones are firmly in place.


After the fabric cools for several minutes run your fingers over the Swarovski flatback hotfix. If any seem loose apply the iron to that area again.

Caring for your crystal garment.   When washing your garments which have Hotfix crystals applied to them, we recommend that you turn the item inside out and wash on a low heat, ideally 30 degrees.  We dont recommend that you use a fabric conditioner.  When ironing/pressing you garment we sugges that you use a low heat and place a cotton hankerchief over the transfer to protect and to absorb any steam.Swarovski Hotfix Crystals, also known as Rhinestones, gems, diamantes, heat fix or iron on crystals, are loose crystal elements with a flat reverse side which has been pre-coated with a glue that is activated by heat.

Please note that we are unable to refund the full cost of a wholesale packet if it is returned opened and in unsaleable condition. If you are unsure of the colour and size of crystals prior to purchase, we recommend you request a sample in advance.