Swarovski Pixie Nail Art Kits

Swarovski Pixie Nail Art Kits

Swarovski Pixie

Whether you are looking a crystal manicure for an everyday occasion or a special event – why not try out the Swarovski Crystal Pixie to bring unrivalled Swarovski brilliance to your nails.  Nail enthusiasts can now create sparkling, bang on-trend nail effects. To apply the Swarovski Pixies is easy and therefore make the Swarovski Crystal Pixie is perfect for creating 100’s of DIY looks at home as well as for application by in-salon professionals and nail artists.

There are 3 different styles of the Swarovski CRYSTAL PIXIE

1. The original Swarovski Crystal Pixie Petite is made with a mixture of round and cut Swarovski Crystal in tiny sizes (1.5 mm).

2. The striking Swarovski Crystal Pixie™ Edge. The Pixie Edge features thousands of loose crystals that sparkle with a super-sharp brilliant bi-cone cut. Radical and brilliantly eye-catching, the effect achieve is a glam-punk look that surely does make a statement. A sharply faceted bottle cap reflects the spikier crystals contained within, differentiating Edge from the other Pixies in the range. Wear the Edge alone or mix ‘n’ match with the smaller, smoother stones of the original Crystal Pixie™ Petite for a myriad of designs that conjure up the spirit of individuality.

3. Brand new (launch March 2018) to the Swarovski Crystal Pixie Nail Art family is Bubble. The Pixie Bubble is tactile compared to that of the stardust-fine Crystal Pixie Petite, but smoother than the spiky brilliance of Crystal Pixie Edge.  Pixie Bubble is made from uncut crystal balls in three sizes, which when clustered together create a fabulous 3D bubbly effect.

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