Swarovski Crystal Pixie Kit

Swarovski Crystal Pixie Kit

The Swarovski crystal Pixie is available in two different styles: Petite and Edge

Swarovski Crystal Pixie Petite

Crystalpixie™ Petite, Cute Mood – consisting of

  • Pixies (tiny crystals) in the size of PP3 (~ 1mm) in the crystal colour transparent iridescent
  • partly faceted, partly rounded Swarovski crystals
  • you will recognize Crystalpixie™ Petite by the transparent acrylic bottle, using the rounded bottle cap

Crystalpixie™ Edge, Cute Mood – consisting of

  • Crystals in the size of PP9 (1,5mm) in the crystal colour transparent iridescent AB
  • exclusively faceted Swarovski crystals (bicone beads), the double-cone shape makes Edge angular and more unconventional
  • you will recognize Crystalpixie™ Edge by the transparent acrylic bottle, using the more tapered more bottle cap


When applying both types of Pixie crystals, there are no significant differences, both variants are sprinkled on to wet nail polish.

With this new and innovative Swarovski crystal pixie for nails you can create stunning nail art designs. The Swarovski Crystal Pixie is a collection of very small faceted and unfaceted crystals, coming together to create a bespoke and stunning effect. The Swarovski Pixie Nail can be applied over nail varnish and gel nails to give that extra touch of sparkle to your manicure. All products from the Crystal Pixie range create a unique three-dimensional effect. 

Each 5gr of CRYSTAL PIXIE NAIL ART KIT last for approximately 20 - 25 nail applications.

The Swarovski Crystal Pixie contains:

5g bottle of Crystal Pixie,

Application Funnel

Full instructions

The pixie kit is a great product for both professional nail technicians and first timers. It's small and compact so will be easily transferrable if you're a mobile technician.

We have also created some bespoke nail art mixes to compliment the different colours of Pixies. Check out our Cute Mood mix which looks gorgeous with the Cute Mood pixie and is one of our most popular products amoung nail techs. This is made up from beautiful shades of pink crystals, white opal and AB.

We have a fantastic range of Swarovski Nail Art products that you can use with or without the Crystal Pixie Kit.

For similar products, please see the Preciosa Crystal Faerie which is a fabulous new product released by Preciosa in 2018. Try Unicorn Tears (AB crystal dust) and Rose All Day (Rose Gold crystal dust) our two most popular colours!