Swarovski Crystal Buttons

Swarovski Crystal Buttons

Swarovski buttons are ideal for enhancing your clothing, craft projects, upholstery, artwork, interior design work,  jewellery designs and craft designs. You will fall in love with our range of Swarovski buttons.

Swarovski Crystal Buttons are beautiful crystal buttons with a mirror backing to reflect the light and give an amazing sparkle.  Swarovski Buttons are available in varios sizes:  the biggest size is the 27mm going through to 23mm, 18mm, 16mm, 14mm, 12mm and the smallest is the 10mm.  Swarovski Buttons can be sewn on to stage costumes, dresses, coats, shirts, trousers, theatrical costumes, bridal gowns, shoes, curtain pelmets, cushions, throws, curtains and other items and accessories to create an individual and stunning look. Crystal Parade are pleased to offer Swarovski buttons in various sizes and colours. By replacing plastic, resin  or glass buttons with Swarovski Crystal Buttons you can transform your items. 

Up cycling is fun and on trend.  Visit your wardrobe to find an old favourite jacket or coat and update and bring back to life with a fashionable look and new lease of life by replacing the existing buttons with Swarovski buttons available from Crystal Parade in a range of shapes sizes and gorgeous colours to choose from.   In the Winter why not add some gorgeous rivoli buttons to your winter coat and bring some sparkle on the cold winter days.  Unsure what to wear for your Christmas party, by adding a few Swarovski crystals to your evening dress you will look stunning and not have to go the expense of purchasing a new dress.  Crystal Buttons are not only for the ladies, why not sew some 10mm on to a shirt or waistecoat. 

Are you looking to transform your living room, bedroom or lounge? We suggest that you buy some buttons and ask your curtain maker to apply the buttons to your pelmets and scatter cushions and ask you upholster to add some gorgeous 27mm buttons to your bed headboard, the results will be amazing.  Adding interior sparkle does not stop at buttons you can add flatback crystal to light switches, lampshades, duvets, photo frames, lampshade, towels and scatter cushions.

Sewing and Knitting taking the country by storm we have seen an increase in demand for the smaller sized Swarovski Buttons which really do add the sparkle to a handmade jacket or waistcoat or to a new borns knitted cardigan or for your knitted hat, scarf and gloves!

Touch of sparkle on your wedding daySwarovski crystal buttons for wedding dresses are very popular with couture house and wedding gown designers, their delicate sparkle will compliment a brides veil.  May be your wedding dress has been handed down through your family, that's the something old but how about the something new?  Why not replace the existing buttons with 10mm Swarovski Buttons.