Swarovski Crystals for Dance Costumes

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Swarovski Crystals for Dance Costumes

Here at Crystal Parade we have everything you need to crystallize your dance costumes with Swarovski crystals.

Your dance costume can be one of the most fun and elaborate pieces of clothing you will wear, take ballroom dancing, way back in the day when ballroom dancing began it was customary for the ladies to wear a beautiful gown that attracted lots of attention while the man would look handsome and refined. Dance fashion has changed throughout the years with more sparkle and a wealth of different dance fabrics to choose from.  Take freestyle dancing, originally known as Disco in the 1970’s , leg warmers, a sweatshirt and headband, now its fully crystallized lycra, big hair and plumes.   Irish Dance costumes reflect the clothing of Ireland from the eighth century. The dresses worn by the dancers are copies of the traditional Irish peasant dress and they are adorned with hand-embroidered Celtic designs and lots of Swarovski crystals.

It can be a mind field to navigate when starting out and crystallizing your dance costumes with Swarovski Crystals, so where do you start when it comes to crystallizing your dance costume.   The most popular size of crystals used to embellish dance costumes in Ss16 and Ss20’s for ballroom, free style, ballet and tap and when crystallizing your Irish Dance costumes larger stones are used from size Ss30 (6mm) up to size ss48 (11mm).

The Swarovski sew on stones are very popular when adding sparkle to dance costumes.  The most popular shape is the Swarovski 3230 Peardrop also known as Teardrop.  There are many different Swarovski sew on stones to choose from including the new Trilliant, from the Innovations Fall/Winter 2018 catalogue (released September 2017).The Trilliant is a nearly triangular design with curved corners to give it a radical new look compared to the regular Triangle sew on stone 3270.   The Emerald Cut, 3252, was launched by SWAROVSKI February 2018.  This stone has also proven to be popular amongst our dancing costume designers, it is available in 3 sizes from 14mm to 28mm and several bright colours.  The Emerald Cut is a rectangle but with corners cut to give it even more sparkle compared to it counterpart the Retangle 3270 which is limited in colour choice.

Swarovski Sew on stones have to holes which enables you to sew the stones onto your dance costume, it is also possible to glue these sew on stones to your dance costumes, we would recommend that you use the Gem Tac, Ninja Superflex of the Grab 360 glue.

Which colour to choose, the most popular Swarovski colour for dance costumes is the aurora borealis also known as AB.  The colours most often associated with the aurora borealis are pink, green, yellow, blue, violet, and occasionally orange and white. Typically, when the crystal AB collides with the stage lights a rainbow of colours sparkle and dazzle the audience and judges too!

When applying Swarovski crystals to a black dance costume a very popular choice is the Jet Hematite best described as a shiny gun metal grey, Swarovski’s Silver Night, Black Diamond and Silver Shade are also great choices.

Swarovski launch new colours every six months, their most recent colour launch is the Electric Family, these neon colours in pink, green, orange, blue and red are fabulous and shine under ultra violet lights too.

Crystal Parade do offer a FREE sample service to enable you to match your dance fabric or to help you replace missing crystals, just drop us an email to [email protected] with a list of the colours/shades you would like and we will be delighted to send you the crystals to help you match.