Ballroom Dance Costumes

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Ballroom Dance Costumes

Here at Crystal Parade we have a great selection of crystals and fabric to create a fabulous ballroom dance costume!

The most popular sized crystals for a ballroom dress is ss20 (5mm), it is small enough to create intricate designs, but big enough to work mess free and with ease. With the ss20, you also have the option to go bigger or smaller with the crystals to create a waterfall effect. Both Preciosa and Swarovski produce some gorgeous colours in ss20 which work well with our fabric range.

We supply both Hotfix, also know as iron-on and Non-Hotfix (glue-on) crystals as well as the tools and adhesives to apply them. We recommend using Gem Tac glue which works brilliantly with the crystals, or if you're applying with heat then we would suggest using Hotfix crystals and the Kandi Kane hotfix wand.

In addition to our selection of flatback crystals, we also stock an extensive range of Sew on Stones in both Preciosa and Swarovski. These can be either glued or sewn on and will add some dramatic sparkle to your ballroom dance costume.

Why not check out our fabrics and trimmings. Here we have a selection of the best fabrics for ballroom dance costumes - Satin Chiffon, Stretch Net and Luxury Ostrich Boas. These are of the highest quality and have been dyed to match each other so you will always be able to find matching fabrics. The Luxury Ostrich Boas are 6ply so look full and fabulous. They can be used as an accessory or stitched around the hem of your dress for a dramatic finish.

Here at Crystal Parade we are happy to send fabric and crystal samples, or we will match crystals already on your dress.

Check out or full range of fabric and trimmings here: