Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski Crystals

Crystal Parade are proud to be one of largest stockists of Swarovski crystals in the UK. We offer a huge range Swarovski crystal components, both retail and wholesale, including loose Swarovski Crystals, Swarovski non hotfix flatback crystals also known as Swarovski rhinestones, Swarovski Diamantes and Swarovski Gems.  When you buy Swarovski crystals from Crystal Parade you know you can choose from a fabulous range of beads, pendants, sew-on stones, buttons, metal trimmings, plastic trimmings and many other Swarovski crystal innovations. We have Swarovski Crystals for sale in many different shapes, sizes and colours. We are also very happy to price match on the full range of Swarovski crystals.

You can purchase Swarovski crystals in bulk and receive discounts, please get in touch if you wish to order large amount of crystals, we would be delighted to work with you and offer you the best possible price.  If you are looking for just a small pack of crystals to repair or replace or triaol we offer many different colours and sizes in small packets of 100 crystals or packs of 24 when ordering sizes SS30 through to SS48.

Swarovski is renowned throughout the world for having the highest quality crystal components. Known for the sharp faceting and clear, brilliant colours, Swarovski crystal products sparkle like no other crystal made today. If you are looking for something in particular, and don’t see it on our site, please call us.

Swarovski crystals hold endless application possibilities from crystallizing iphones and handbags to manicures and dance costumes! Swarovski Elements is a very exciting and versatile brand of crystals and a fantastic means for transforming your fashion, home interior and lifestyle accessories into unique and innovative sparkling timeless pieces.

Here at Crystal Parade we are able to offer you the full range of Swarovski crystal, unsure of the size, colour or type of crystal you require, don't worry we offer a FREE samples service, advise and a full matching service. If you are looking for Swarovski beads to decorate a wedding tiara or flatback crystals to add sparkle to your manicure we have the solution and all the application knowledge you require to get started!

Swarovski (pronounced Swor-ov-ski) is a company known for its amazing crystals in the form of figurines and ornaments, finished jewellry, beads, and jewellry components. The company's patented technique helps create high-quality crystal that has beautiful luster and sparkle to it. While there are many other types of crystal beads and jewellry components on the market, for example Preciosa, Swarovski is still known for making the highest quality crystal in the industry.

Daniel Swarovski, (aka David Swartz), was the son of a glass cutter in Bohemia, Austria and became very skilled at glass making and glass-cutting. Swarovski uses quartz, sand, and minerals—the exact proportions of these raw materials has remained a company secret—to create their super sparkly glass. In 1892, Daniel Swarovski  invented and patented a brand new glass cutting machine that used hydro-electricity to be used in cutting the crystal glass. 

This state of the art cutting machine allowed crystals to be cut more precisely than they could ever be cut by hand, even by the highly skilled glass cutters. Within the fashion and couture industry flatback crystals are some of the best known from the Swarovski product range. They are cut with a diamond shape, thus giving off a highly faceted appearance and lots of sparkle.

Swarovski is now a fifth generation family-owned business with over 25,000 employees.

The Swarovski Brand

Swarovski has two major parts to the Swarovski Brand: producing and selling loose crystals and elements to various industries including bridal, couture, fashion and crafting and they also design and manufacture precision-cut crystals for jewellery, figurines and home decor.

The team at Swarovski did not stop at simply finding a better way to cut glass but went on to further develop and patent tools and processes to enhance the glass they cut. 

In 1956, in cooperation with Christian Dior, Swarovski developed the “Aurora Borealis” effect (known to people in the jewellery-creating world as "AB" effect). The AB effect provides a shimmering rainbow sparkle to the crystals making them even more sparkly and unique, they are very popular in the dance world.

In 1977, Swarovski launched their own jewellery collection including watches and rings. Swarovski crystals started to be seen in the fashions of top designers, including D&G, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

In 1995, Swarovski opened a museum in Austria showcasing the extensive Swarovski collection.

Swarovski Components is the brand name for the loose Swarovski crystals used by the fashion, jewellery, and accessories industries. Genuine Swarovski crystals are used in products designed and made by other manufacturers and they carry a “Made with Swarovski Elements” label. 


How to care for your Swarovski Crystals

Jewellery made with Swarovski crystals should be treated the same as all other fine jewellery. Avoid exposing the crystals to water, chemicals or harsh treatment from work or sports. Only use a mild soap, water, and a soft cloth for cleaning and polishing Swarovski jewellery and crystals. Store your Swarovski jewellery in a way that it will not be scratched, i.e in your jewellery box or soft pouch/cover.

When creating jewellery or embellishing with Swarovski beads and crystals, keep the crystals in a soft pouch or the package they came in in order to keep them from chipping and scratching. Be sure to use care when adding crimp beads near any Swarovski Crystals as they may chip and when using glue to adhere the flatback crystals to your garments carry out a spot test to ensure the crystal will adhere to your chosen suface.

How to Tell If a Swarovski Is Real 

There are a few ways to tell if a Swarovski crystal is real or an imitation. While some can be determined by just looking at the crystal and its packaging, others require looking at the crystal through a jeweller’s eye glass to see the fine details of the crystal.

  1. You will see no bubbles inside the crystal.
  2. Swarovski crystals have a brilliant shine that outshines imitation crystal. Carry out a side-by-side test and you will see the difference. 
  3. Each Swarovski crystal is identical in size and cut since they are machine-made.
  4. There is no difference in colour of crystals that come from the same colour family. 
  5. Imitation Swarovski crystals will not scratch easily.
  6. The packaging will be labelled "Swarovski" with a holographic label.
  7. Swarovski crystals are sold as loose stones and not on a string, except for Swarovski pearls.