Stellux Hotfix Crystals

Stellux Hotfix Crystals

STELLUX™ by Swarovski  with High durability and Reliability

STELLUX™ offers a number of distinct advantages over crystals from Swarovski.

Made according to a high-value lead-free formula, STELLUX™ is undeniably one of the longest lasting crystals in its category. Its advanced foiling withstands harsh manufacturing techniques such as soldering and electroplating, and offers high resistance to environmental influences such as water, chloride, or chemicals found in perfume, hairspray, and other cosmetic products.

STELLUX™ is available in a fabulous range of sizes, colours, and effects, with amazing colour consistency throughout the entire product range, each crystal has nine large and three small facets on the front. Innovative production methods and absolute precision ensure STELLUX™ sparkles with maximum brilliance.

You will see the difference! The higher level of fire and light return creates an amazing sparkle and makes STELLUX™ visibly and verifiably more brilliant than the common eight-faceted crystals.