STELLUX Austrian™ Crystal

Crystal Parade are now in their 8th year and we often get asked “Do you sell Asfour Crystals or something similar”, “Do you sell cheaper crystals in your product offering?”. We realise that crystallizing a garment or object or dress with hundreds or possibly thousands of crystals can get be pretty expensive. Well know we can answer, rather than using Swarovski why not try the STELLUX, they are good quality rhinestones at affordable prices compared to the price of Swarovski rhinestones. The STELLUX ™ Austrian Crystal: is a top-quality fully machine-cut crystal at an unbeatable price, and guess who manufacturers it? .........Swarovski do!
Here are some advantages of switching from Swarovski to Stellux.
The name STELLUX ™ is derived from 2 Latin words “stella” meaning “star” & “lux” meaning “light. Since “nomen est omen” you know by the name that this brand has a lot to offer. Its high-value lead-free formula, a high-tech protective mirror foiling and its striking consistency over a wide range of colours & sizes makes STELLUX ™  top of it class for sure.  You will be crystallizing with Austrian quality.

STELLUX™ Sew-on Stones and STELLUX ™ crystals are made in Austria, the home of machine cut crystal and a synonym for tradition and expertise when it comes to the production of crystals. In today’s market place, quality and price is not only important to the buyer but also for our planet & the people who live and work on it.  These Stellux crystals “Made in Austria” guarantee you excellent quality, expertise passed down from generation to generation, good working conditions and the highest environmental standards.

What are the advantages of switching brands?
1. Ultimate Geometry for a Maximum Brilliance
The nine large and three small facets on the front and nine facets on the back of the design-protected STELLUX ™ cut give it a broader scope of light return than that of other crystals in this price range. Innovative production methods, advanced technology and absolute precision ensure STELLUX ™ sparkles uniquely, whatever its size.
2. High Durability and Reliability
Made according to a high-value lead-free formula, STELLUX ™ is probably one of the longest lasting crystals in its category. Its advanced mirror foiling withstands harsh manufacturing techniques such as soldering and electroplating. It also offers high resistance to environmental influences such as water, perfumes, chloride, hairspray & other cosmetic products.
3. Large Variety

STELLUX ™ is available in a range of sizes, colours and colour effects.  You are guaranteed striking colour consistency throughout the entire stellux product range. Crystal Parade are currently stocking a small selection of flatbacks in no hotfix & Sew-on Stones .

4. Highest Ethical & Environmental Standards
All STELLUX ™ crystals meet the highest environmental standards and are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.  They are made in accordance with various rule that regulate the use of certain ingredients in products for end consumers.
5. Affordable Price and Quality Label
With increased sparkle and reduce prices makes STELLUX ™ crystals the ideal choice for anybody on a keeping an eye on their costs. We believe STELLUX ™  will give you great value for the money without too much compromising on quality, it really does offer unbeatable price-performance ratio.

As previously mentioned, STELLUX ™ offers you wide range of crystals, sizes and colours.  If you work in the dance industry or use crystals for textile embellishing we realise that you use huge quantities of crystals which can become expensive. With our range of STELLUX ™ Flat Backs No Hotfix Rhinestones and Sew-on Stones won’t have to choose quantity over quality.
1. Flat Backs No HOTFIX
STELLUX ™ A293 Rose Flat Back No Hotfix crystal is currently available in 15 standard colours and in 80 special production colours including special effects and AB coating. The size range starts with SS 6 (2mm) up to SS 40 (8.5mm).
2. Sew-on Stones
There are 4 different cuts of STELLUX ™ sew-on stones: A310 Round Sew-on Stone, A320 Navette Sew-on Stone, A330 Drop Sew-on Stone and A393 Lochrose Sew-on Stone.
STELLUX Austrian™ Crystal_Color Chart
If you’re a manufacturer, designer and use large amounts of crystals please contact us  to receive your FREE sample pack of STELLUX ™