Preciosa Rivets

Preciosa Rivets

Preciosa Rivets are available in three sizes (SS18, SS29, SS34) and various crystal colours and gold and silver coatings, this new and innovative rivet from Preciosa gives the perfect finishing touch to shoes, handbags and textiles.  The MC Chaton MAXIMA Rivets, are part of the inspiration Spring / Summer 2018 by PRECIOSA Crystal Components and are ideal for thick materials including denim, suede, rubber and leather.


This new range of rivets is available with Preciosa’s premium MC Chaton MAXIMA crystals.  This range of rivets are easily applied using a fly press or handheld rivet press.

Fly presses are required to be bolted down to a suitable flat surface, the fly press is a sturdy and reliable tool suitable for the application of Preciosa Rivets. An alternative to the fly press is the manual applicator, this is a hand held tool for applying Rivets that also doubles as an applicator for Pins when used with the corresponding die set.

Rivets can be applied to various materials using back parts.  Please note the material thickness when selecting the Rivets. If the carrier material proves too thick or is made up of several layers, it is recommended to punch a hole before application.

It is important to make sure that the Rivets are properly aligned with the dies to eliminate any problems during the mechanical application process.

During application, the Rivet is entirely surrounded by the upper die. To prevent neighbouring Rivets from being damaged, be sure to check the minimum space required by the die when calculating the space between each Rivet.

Care/washing  instructions

We recommend that you turn your garment inside out, choose a gentle wash cycle and use mild laundry detergent. To protect the crystals as much as possible we suggest that you use a soft wash bag. Remember, do not use chlorine bleach and do not tumble dry!


As part of the new PRECIOSA crystal collection, the rivets and application tools are now available, please drop us an email for more details.  [email protected]