Square Shape

Square Shape

These square flatback Preciosa crystals are often used on greeting cards, wedding stationery and artwork.  You can also use them to embellish clothing including prom dresses, evening gowns, bridal dresses and dance costumes.

Recently the square shape has become popular in nail art. Geometric shapes and patterns have become a huge trend in the nail art world and these square shapes are perfect for creating your own unique design. We have them available in lots of popular colours including Clear diamond effect and AB (Aurora Borealis). The AB colour is by far the most popular among nail technicians. To check out more AB Nail art products click here.

When you combine these square flatback crystals with other Preciosa flatback shapes the effect can be very dazzling.  Also with the square flatback you can tilt it slightly to give you a diamond effect.

This shape looks fantastic when used with some of our other geometric shapes e.g Diamond, Rhombus, Kite. We have seen this combination of shapes used to customise phone cases, shoes, nail art designs, belts, shirt collars and cuffs and many other items.