ss9 (2.8mm) Preciosa No Hotfix Flatback Crystals

ss9 (2.8mm) Preciosa No Hotfix Flatback Crystals

SS9 (2.8mm) Viva 12 Preciosa no flatback hotfix crystals come in a wide array of shades and colours for any occasion or mood! These packs are perfect for applying elegant touches on wedding invitations, homemade cards, table name settings, wedding favours and gift tags!

Why not revive an old brooch and make it stand out with sparkle and shine to brighten up a blazer or shirt. Another current hot trend is embellished shirt collars so why not apply a few of these stunning crystals to the corners or encrust completely one of your own collars to make an outfit truly unique and eyecatching whether you\'re going to work and need some extra style or for a night out on the town!?