ss34 (7mm) Preciosa No Hotfix Flatback Crystals

ss34 (7mm) Preciosa No Hotfix Flatback Crystals

SS34 7mm Preciosa Viva 12 Flatbacks also known as ss34 Rhinestones, sequins, gems or diamantes can be used for all sorts of creative applications! We at Crystal Parade have seen crystalisations on a wide range of objects from popular trends such as shoe heals and jacket lapelles to the more unusual such as equestrian equpment like blinged saddles, bridle, riding crops and helmets. Other unusual ideas for animal lovers can include blinging dog jackets, bandanas, cat collars, leads and even food bowls (very securely of course!).

Perhaps home furnishings is more you style? Then these crystals can be used for wallpaper highlighting, lampshades, light switch embellishment, table runners, mirror frames, stair case spindles, curtain ties and ever hoovers!