ss5 (1.8mm) Preciosa No Hotfix Flatback Crystals

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ss5 (1.8mm) Preciosa No Hotfix Flatback Crystals

These SS5 (1.8mm) Preciosa no flatback hotfix crystals, also known as rhinestones, sequins or diamantes, are popular for applying to manicures and pedicures to add some glamour and sparkle!  

How do i apply crystals to my nails?

Here is a short guide to how to create a crystal manicure or pedicure.

  1. Spread the no hotfix crystals out onto a plate, be sure that the crystals are in a single layer and are facing shiny side up. This will make it easier to pick them up when you need to apply them.
  2. Paint your nails with your chosen colour nail polish. Apply 1 thin coat of the colour. Use only enough to coat the entire nail.
  3. Using either a jewel setter or the Crystal Katana and while the nail polish is still wet pick up a crystal, place the crystal in the position on the nail where you would like it to be. Gently press down with the opposite end of the jewel setter or the adaptor or the Crystal Katana.
  4. Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish to set the stones in place. Allow the polish to dry completely.
  5. Enjoy your sparkly nails and please share your photos with us!

SS5 (1.8mm) Preciosa rhinestones have a foiled mirrored backing and are very sparkly indeed.  You can also use these SS5 to decorate champagne flutes and champagne bottles.  They are also often used to fill in any gaps on shoes and other crafty projects.

The Crystal Katana is ideal for applying your SS5 crystals to your chosen surface.