Preciosa Flatback NON Hotfix Crystal SMALL Packs

Preciosa Flatback NON Hotfix Crystal SMALL Packs

Preciosa No Hotfix Flatback Crystals also know as Viva 12 Rhinestones (each crystal has 12 facets) are very popular with many of our customers. They are great for embellishing hand held gadgets such as mobile phones, ipods, ipads, shoes, trainers, Converse trainers, glassware, clothing, arts and crafts including champagne flutes and bottles for something extra special!

Each Preciosa crystal is perfectly cut giving each Rhinestone a brilliant sparkle. The team at Crystal Parade work with many stylists, designers, milliners and nail technicians all over the world for their creations.

How do i crystallize a champagne bottle? 

  1. If you would like to personallise a bottle of champagne the team at Crystal Parade would recommend that you use size ss7 non hotfix flatback crystals
  2. You will need a non-permanent felt tip to mark out your design, then using a Precision Glue Applicator, place a small amount of Gemtac Glue to denote where each crystal is to be placed.
  3. Then once the Gemtac Glue becomes a little tacky, pick up each crystal (shiny side up) using the Crystal Katana and place it on top of the glue spot. 
  4. Once dry (this takes approx 2 hours) use a damp cloth and remove any signs of the felt tip marking. 

These personallised crystal champagne bottles make an ideal gift ie: birthday and wedding celebrations.